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Private Training

It is an exciting time, the KeeperZone training program has been recenlty revamped to be more competitive, more dynamic, more accessible to all, while at the same time being more affordable than ever.

KeeperZone goalkeepers train in small group environments, typically 5-10 gks at the u14 and up ages and 3-8 gks in the u11-u13 ages. Players are welcome to come to as many training sessions each week for their age group. There is a one time cost per season for this unlimited training package.

Spring Unlimited Goalkeeper Training
Time Period: now until May 31, 2016
Cost: $600
Mon – Thurs options with typically the following times. (refer to weekly schedule)
U11 – U13 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm (Mondays – 5:30)
U14 and older - 7:00pm - 8:00pm (Mondays – 6:30)

Payment plans are available
New goalkeepers will train one on one with a KeeperZone coach to first try out the training then are eligible for Unlimited training - cost of first session is $100

Please note: KeeperZone policy requires at least one parent or guardian be in attendance during training.
All Private Training Goalkeepers must complete a new player packet. The packet consists of:
  1. Registration Sheet - this is the information needed to register the goalkeeper for the KeeperZone Website- .doc
  2. Standard Medical Release - This is a standard North Texas form - .doc
  3. Clinic Release - This is a North Texas form notifying your team coach that the goalkeeper will be training with KeeperZone Coaches. This form must be signed by the team coach, parent, and goalkeeper - .doc