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KeeperZone Training Staff

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KeeperZone coaches are single minded in purpose; to improve the quality of athlete, goalkeeper, and person. KeeperZone coaches are qualified not only as players themselves, but even more importantly as coaches as well. We recognize that a high level coach must be able to relate to a goalkeeper as an athlete, while at the same time, maintaining the up to date knowledge of the game demanded on all coaches.

There is no substitute for experience, and no short-cuts to gaining experience. KeeperZone coaches will demand hard work from goalkeepers, not only on a physical level, but on a mental, concentration level as well. While mistakes will occur, KeeperZone philosophy is that a goalkeeper must react quickly to minimize and correct those mistakes whether from teammates or from himself or herself.

KeeperZone coaches believe that training must find a balance between a learning experience and a challenging workout. Training sessions will be organized so that the goalkeeper will feel tired both mentally and physically, but most importantly, will feel as though he or she has become a more efficient goalkeeper. Goalkeepers are not just shot-stoppers, they must be leaders both on and off the field, so training will reflect more than just techniques, but how to relate those techniques to game situations and relate to those a goalkeeper must lead.

KeeperZone coaches understand the need to improve a goalkeepers ball handling for safety and efficiency, while at the same time communicating the importance of an all around citizen, athlete, soccer player, and goalkeeper.

You can contact KeeperZone at 214-566-2254 or joe@KeeperZone.net

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All Private Training Goalkeepers must complete a new player packet. The packet consists of:
  1. Registration Sheet - this is the information needed to register the goalkeeper for the KeeperZone Website- .doc
  2. Standard Medical Release - This is a standard North Texas form - .doc
  3. Clinic Release - This is a North Texas form notifying your team coach that the goalkeeper will be training with KeeperZone Coaches. This form must be signed by the team coach, parent, and goalkeeper - .doc